Wednesday, April 8, 2015

just a thought

in honor of beyond the reach being released this month - april 17 for those keeping track - i decided to write out some of my favorite movie quotes for my art journaling.

i also wanted to point out how challenging it has been for me to do this art journal.  one of my guidelines in doing this was to not criticize myself and just let it be. but i look at my work and can't get past the mistakes, inconsistencies and sometimes bad choices. i usually like little pieces of each page but rarely the entire page as it is. 

i find that a lot of times it's my impatience that gets me the less than desired result. like not waiting for the water color to dry before writing the quote in pen and watching the ink spread. or closing my book when the ink is still wet and then getting black spots all over the other page.

but i'm getting there and making something and working on it. there are life lessons to be learned and i'm open to them.

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