Thursday, April 16, 2015

big bright beautiful world

on sunday the school put on it's middle school drama performance of shrek the musical. the music director invited the 3rd and 4th grade chorus to participate. this gave the students a taste of what the drama elective is like and hopefully gets them excited to participate.

jordan was in the musical when he was in middle school. he played a nerd in grease. andrew played a mini white rabbit in alice in wonderland and an oompa loompa in willy wonka. now it is sofia's turn to  sing and act, and i think she's caught the bug.

the thing with drama is that it takes a lot of time and dedication with rehearsals. the boys were not into that, but sofia didn't seem to mind. she rehearsed with the big kids once a week and then attended a few saturday rehearsals throughout the year.

she was given the part of little ogre and she also played a bird. no lines, no solos, but she took direction and made the most of her role as a sad little ogre being sent out into the big bad world. we've seen her light up on stage before and it's exciting to see her get over the nerves and enjoy herself up there.

she got to experience the whole process from the make up room, wardrobe, hilarity backstage as everyone gets into place, technical rehearsals, and then the big show.

we had a row of guests in the audience to see her 3 minute time on stage and we all applauded with enthusiasm.

the performance was outstanding. the kids all did amazing jobs and the talent was wide spread. lots of great singers, funny actors, and just plain bright personalities. what a show!

it's a group effort getting this show running.  from the costumes, make up, feeding and wrangling all of these kids, the choreography, singing and acting coaches. teachers, volunteers, parents and students worked so hard and it showed.

we are so proud of our little ogre and we look forward to seeing her in next year's production.  bravo sofia!

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