Thursday, February 26, 2015

movie watcher part 2

now that the oscars are behind us, it's time for an update of my previous post and some follow up thoughts.

  • american sniper - politics aside, this movie was fascinating and so difficult to watch.  i thought bradley cooper's performance was perfect.
  • birdman - still on my list - more so now that it won.
  • boyhood - we thought the concept was amazing, but we were not crazy about the story or lack of.
  • the grand budapest hotel - was pleasantly surprised.  oscar wins for costume, hair & makeup and production design were well deserved.
  • the imitation game - my favorite movie. and the screenwriter's speech at the oscars was one of my favorite moments.
  • selma - fell asleep. not that it wasn't good just started it too late.  will give it another try.
  • the theory of everything - great movie.  eddie redmayne was brilliant.
  • whiplash - loved it!! saw this in toronto and again when we took the boys. jk simmons was intense and genius.
in addition there are a few movies nominated for other categories that i would like to see.
  • still alice - i didn't expect to be so emotional but at the end of the movie i was speechless and crying like a baby.  wonderful performance.
  • gone girl - this movie was spooky.  i had a hard time with the book and the movie stayed pretty true to it, just with more intensity.  
  • wild - enjoyed the movie more than the book.  i love stories about self discovery and this one was good but kind of missed the mark for me.
  • foxcatcher - waiting to see it.
  • into the woods - made a better stage musical.  just didn't love it.  but the music is memorable.
and a few to add to the list.
  • citizen four - winner of the documentary feature. started watching this on hbo and already feel paranoid.
  • feast - winner of the animated short.
  • big hero six - winner of the animated feature. i didn't see this with the kids.
  • cake - it looks like a dark story with great performances.
not oscar nominated but i saw jiro dreams of sushi and i loved it!  it came out a few years ago and i watched it on netflix.  this 85 year old man has been making sushi everyday of his life and still trying to find ways to improve it.  the tiniest detail of everything that he does is inspirational.  there are so many life lessons in this film.  highly recommend it.

looking forward to seeing what comes out this year.  

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