Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 weekly menu #7

we celebrated national fro yo day with 6 oz. of free menchie's yogurt plus some toppings.
this will be week 2 of after school sports madness.  we survived last week and made every practice, although not always on time.  just to make things fun, this week we're throwing in an evening meeting, a valentine's day celebration and a month long school project deadline.  woohoo.

i wonder how close we can manage to stick to this menu.

weekend eats
saturday: dinner at bottega louis 
sunday: seƱor. sol after mass

making this week
monday: lasagna soup, french bread
tuesday: rotisserie chicken, salad, garlic mashed potatoes
wednesday: won ton soup, spring rolls
thursday: bbq chicken quesadillas
friday: pizza

enjoy your week!

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