Friday, February 6, 2015

some things | 2.6

it is february after all.  and i am looking for things i love and make me happy - it's helping to balance the mercury retrograde we seem to be experiencing around here.

something to buy - girl scout cookies.  we bought some from a neighbor last week and have been enjoying the frozen thin mints one at a time. get your cookies people.

something to try - grass fed angus beef burgers from trader joe's.  we recently started eating red meat again and are trying to eat the best quality beef we can find.  these are pretty fantastic.

something to make - i've admired this painting and want to make one of my own.  i have an idea for a small one with a quote but the big canvas with lyrics would be so cool.

something for valentine's day snack - all of these snacks are adorable, easy to make and healthy too. winner!

something that made me laugh - if you follow me on Facebook you've seen this, but worth posting twice.

Sofia had to do push ups at softball practice today. After practice I asked her why she had to do them.
Sofia: "because I didn't run my hardest. But man, I did some awesome push ups."
Here's to a great season of really awesome push ups!

something to do - the rose bowl flea market is happening this sunday in pasadena.  jordan and i will be working the notre dame band hot dog cart all day.  come by and say hello.

something to watch - on the list this weekend is gone girl and selma.

something to feel good about - i have been running more in preparation for training for my next half marathon.  there is nothing like running for me.  completing a run is  starting over is hard but so worth it.

something to be excited for - the trailer for beyond the reach debuted yesterday on yahoo.  i can't put into words what i feel when i see this.  not the finished product but knowing the journey he took to get here - that is what matters (to me at least). and this is just the beginning.

have a lovely weekend!

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