Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 weekly menu: week 9

here's an example of when things go wrong.  i made turkey meatballs and was working on the sauce for the subs.  i had put the hoagie rolls under the broiler and then forgot about them.  i started smelling the burnt bread but thought i was burning the sauce and then realized it was the rolls.

i literally panicked about what to do. it was late, everyone was hungry and i didn't have an alternative. i took the burnt top half of the rolls off and used the bottom half to make the sandwiches.  as it turned out jordan and bobby grabbed dinner out because they were coming home from rehearsal and it was late.  so i was able to get 3 sandwiches out of this disaster.  the next day i made some pasta and threw in the meatballs for the kids lunches.  so it all worked out.

when life gets busy i often make mistakes. my biggest one is thinking i have something in the pantry and finding out as i'm making dinner that i don't. it happens and we deal with it. and if it goes terribly wrong we have cereal for dinner.

weekend eats
saturday: fish tacos at my niece's graduation party
sunday: pizza and salad

making this week
monday: salmon with pepper jelly, brocollini, orzo salad
tuesday: chicken pho, egg rolls
wednesday: crock pot balsamic pork, mashed potatoes, spinach salad
thursday: breakfast for dinner: waffles, eggs and sausage
friday: pizza

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Anonymous said...

I love cereal for dinner!