Thursday, February 20, 2014

currently | february 2014

falling asleep to the olympics every night.

thinking my winter olympic sport would have been cross country skiing or the biathlon.

hoping jordan is at ease with his class selection for next year. high school is tough.

loving my new hair cut.  almost 4 inches chopped off last week and it feels great.

working on changing my mind set.  new perspectives have been helpful.

excited to see sofia perform in her class play next week. i caught a bit of the rehearsal yesterday and she sounds great.

proud of andrew who made a basket at the last game of the season. go eagles!

looking forward to seeing neil diamond perform at the notre dame baseball stadium opening.

feeling like i cheated because i ran on the treadmill this morning, but this wind is crazy.

enjoyed watching the last episode of goodluck charlie with the family - we love that show.

happy to be cheering on the aaa dodgers and the knights swim team this season.

bracing myself for more running around this semester.

waiting to get a new phone - maybe this weekend?

remembering a quick, but fun trip to the beach last week.

planning for change, good change.

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