Thursday, February 6, 2014

around here: february

we are in full gala and auction mode.  our biggest school fundraiser is this saturday and although i am not chairing this event (phew) i am helping the ladies with wrapping baskets, making place cards and supporting their amazing efforts.  looking forward to the night and bidding on some cool items.

it's report card time and sofia has improved in so many areas.  she is working hard at reading and spelling.  i especially love that the teacher wrote she is a good friend to all.  so good.

andrew also improved his grades and achieved first honors for this semester.  he's managing the middle school life with care and finding the balance between responsibility and goofing off.  i know he was dedicated and spent extra time studying and working on his writing, and it paid off.  woohoo!

jordan had an amazing first semester as a high school freshman.  with everything that was going on in the fall; water polo, marching band, football games, honors courses, bobby being gone, stress everywhere, he managed to earn a 4.3 gpa and made the maxima cum laude honor roll.

bobby is working, working, working on movies for work and school.  he's in the big leagues now and it's so exciting.  can't wait to share more.

i am excited about rain this afternoon.

i am even more excited about the winter olympics starting tonight.  even with all of the controversy of this olympics, i know we will see some great stories that will inspire and move us.  go usa!

running is hard.  starting over is frustrating. but i'm putting the miles on knowing that it all comes together as long as i stick with it.

photo by grandma sue
we helped out at the notre dame bandcake breakfast last weekend, flipping pancakes and scrambling eggs.  and we even got to take home a prize.

i was a chaperone for the field trip to the sciencenter.  i love hanging out with the second graders.

and seeing this again was awesome.

guess who's excited about this?

i am finally taking a calligraphy class.  it's an online course so i work at my own pace, upload the exercises and the teacher critiques the work.  i need to work on evening the pressure of my stroke and not using so much ink.  this is so fun and right up my alley.

around here... life is good.

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