Friday, December 14, 2012

chatsworth holiday parade

the other big event last week was our community holiday parade.  our school takes part in it every year with a float.

the theme this year was "under the sea."  kind of an odd theme for a christmas parade, right?  but we made it work.  our head of school came up with the name "from sea to shining c.h.a." after that it all just came together. school of fish, kids decorate, and octopus.

on saturday, the kids decorated paper plates and turned them into artistic, unique, and colorful fish.

the octopus highlighted areas of our school's program like spanish, language arts, technology, art.  we made jellyfish and starfish.  it all came together in a fun way.

we brought out our holiday sign and decorated golf cart and started on the parade route.

here's the back.

the chorus and the glee club sang.  we had a great turn out.  the most ever for. and everyone had such a good time.

thanks to those that helped decorate, to the kids who sang, to the parents who paraded and to bob and d for driving us down the street.  what a great day for our community, and for our family.

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