Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 things on 12.12.12

1. the kids are celebrating dozens day at school.

2. looked everywhere for the number 12 on my run this morning so i could take a picture.

3. totally love this video.
4. working on addressing christmas cards for bobby's company. 

5. got this text yesterday from our trainer yesterday. anyone want to join me?

6. thinking it would be awesome to take this class.

7. i had a foot massage yesterday for the first time. best $20 i've spent in a long time.

8. today is my bff's birthday. love ya amy!
9. i am on the look out for the variety pack of holiday jo jo's.  if you see a box, get me one, please.

10. i got this delivery on monday as a thank you.  needless to say we devoured it.
11. i made the playoffs in the brockett football league.  now it's time to tear it up!
12. hoping i remember to take a picture at 12:12 today. i'll set a reminder on my phone.

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