Friday, December 28, 2012

around here

we are trying to eat something healthy. it's been out of control lately.

 we are still singing songs from this year's holiday performance.  it was the best!

 i am running, anywhere and everywhere.  1 mile a day.

 we are still enjoying the holiday cheer.

i am getting ready for something new.

 bobby and i are enjoying some wine from our trip to baja california.

 we are feeling a bit spoiled.

 i am trying to document our experience spending the holidays with my family in mexico.

 i am loving my new necklace.

 we are spending time together - all five of us.

it's been the craziest month yet.  traveling, parties, sharing time with family.  we've celebrated 5 christmases, with five different families, we've given and received, we've been showered with love, we've caught colds, we are looking forward to some down time, we are making plans, and more plans, we have caught up with family.  we have so much more to experience over the next week of vacation.  a look back at a wonderful year, beginning a new year, a birthday for a special young man, visitors, playdates, starting something new, fighting for something we love, daring to make a difference.

i'll be around next week sharing some of our stories. enjoy your weekend.

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Alexa said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip to Mexico! What a fun Christmas for all of you! :)