Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 happy moments

goodbye 2012.
you will not be forgotten.
we will take you with us on our new adventure.
you were a good year.
filled with happy moments.

playing in the snow.

finding happiness wherever we went.

eating well.

charting our own destiny.

expressing ourselves.

taking on new challenges.

going on adventures.

spending time together.

being champions.

reconnecting with the past.

geeking out.

capturing moments.

being reunited.

uniting in love.

not being amused (with allergies).

welcoming a new little cousin.

celebrating an important birthday.

having a blast with friends.

learning to play.

making new goals.

supporting a cause.

making our voices heard.

sharing our story.

laughing til it hurt.

meeting someone i admire.

feeling loved.

enjoying this life. 

hello 2013.
we're ready for you.
let’s do this.

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