Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Summer is here!!

It's that time of year. Andrew has started swim classes. We are winding down the school year, Andrew's last day of pre-school is Wenesday. Jordan is working on his last school project, a family heritage presentation that he will do on Wednesday. Sofia is going wild whenever she sees a pool, an ice cream cone or a popsicle. And playdates are turning into pool parites.

These last few days we have been busy with end of the year parties, helping with the preschools big Summer Fundraiser, doing snack for the last time at Andrew's school and getting ready for the Houseboat trip which is 18 days away. Yes, we get daily reminders from Bobby with the countdown. Everyone is excited.

Still working on trying to make this blog more creative. But I can't figure out how to change the banner. I also want to add links within the blog to articles or pictures that I think are interesting. I want to add a link to some of our favorite family pictures too. Just letting you know I'm working on some changes.

Bye for now!

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