Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Important Reader Information

I received this email yesterday in response to my post. I thought I would share it with you:

On 6/18/07 5:14 PM, "Mitas, Robert" wrote:

> Dear Blog Operator,
> I am not usually one to complain, but I saw your latest blog and I have to
> lodge a formal protest. I had the unfortunate circumstance of scrolling down
> and being flashed and blinded by the bright white man in the pool. His
> unnatural radiance is a danger to society. Even though his luminous power is
> diluted under the water, it can still cause harm to others.
> I encourage you to remove the post lest you accidentally, and permanently,
> blind other unsuspecting viewers.
> Thank you in advance for paying prompt attention to my dilemma.
> Sincerely,
> Robert Mitas

And here is my reply:

Dear Robert Mitas,

I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate discovery. Please keep in mind that I take great care in ensuring the safety of my readers, both with my written comments as well as the visual items. After careful review of all of the photographs from that event I felt that the chosen photo was the least damaging, precisely because of the fact that most of the "whiteness", and quite frankly, furriness, was concealed underneath the water. I therefore deemed that it would be acceptable to post said photo.

Unfortunately, for you, I have decided not to remove the post, as the other subjects are so darn cute that they draw the viewers attention away from the light and in fact appear to be more glowing and radiant because of it. Also keep in mind that humor is a wonderful way to grab the viewers attention.

I hope that this meets with your approval. Please refer any further comments to the management at itsMYblog@aol.com

Thank you and please keep reading,
Blog Operator

This is the kind of thing that goes on around here.

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Kenzi said...

I thank you preparing my delicate retinal tissue for the extreme whiteness I will be exposed to in a few days on the houseboat! Course, I can't really say much...the Irish aren't exactly known for being tan. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few days! We'll be showing up in Jeff's new truck! (Who needs money anyway?!)