Thursday, June 21, 2007


Our world is surrounded by lists these days. Grocery lists, list for Target (every other day), list of things to pack, list of people to call. I even have a list of lists I have to make. Sometimes it's such hard work going on vacation that it doesn't seem worth it. Bobby and I worked on our packing list last night. When you have to pack for five people, there are a lot of things you could forget. And by you, I mean me. I will do all the packing for this family. It's one of those things I don't think I can let go of. You know, I like the clothes to sort of go together. And Bobby has made it clear that he could wear the same thing all week long. Not if I can help it.

This morning I was working on a list and Sofia was sitting next to me working on her own list. She spent about fifteen minutes scribbling, doodling, being very serious. She made the tiniest marks on the paper and lots of circles. And she kept saying "a", "b", "c". Then she told me what she wrote, "apple", "Andrew", "Fia". Meanwhile, Jordan is working on putting together his bionicle - Kardas. Andrew is at preschool this morning. It's water day, so he went to school in his swimsuit. This afternoon I have to take Sofia to the eye doctor. She will be checked for the same thing Jordan has. There is a 25% chance that siblings could have it too. She will have her eyes dilated, so we will be there for 2 hours! I will let you guys know the results later.

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