Monday, June 18, 2007


What fun we had. First of all, Bobby's softball team won their first game of the season on Friday. Actually, it's the first win in two years. Bobby has only been playing this year so I told him he was the lucky charm ; ).
Saturday we headed to Brea to celebrate birthdays, graduations and an engagement. Congratulations to everyone. We also celebrated an early Father's Day. Grandpa Ed even shaved for the occasion. We posed for some family pics, had some lunch and enjoyed being together.
Bobby and Jordan took off to catch the blimp. That's right, the Goodyear Blimp. Bob won an auction at the CHA dinner dance for a blimp ride, so he took Jordan. Wow, they had a great time. Well, except for the part where they almost didn't make it because of terrible traffic getting there and Jordan throwing up in the car. They managed to make it 2 minutes before the blimp took off and Bob was waiting with a t-shirt he bought at the drugstore for Jordan to change into. But besides that it was a good time.

Yesterday was a Father's Day celebration with Bob in the morning for breakfast and hanging out at home. Then a pool party in the afternoon with my parents and brothers. Hamburgers, hot dogs and a berry cobbler, yummy! All of the cousins got in the pool and splashed for hours. Even Sofia didn't want to get out of the pool. Andrew is working really hard on building his confidence in the pool. He can swim, he just panics and tries to swim too far or too fast. He is signed up for another round of lessons later this summer.

The houseboat trip is now just 5 days away. We leave on Friday and get on the boat on Saturday. Looking forward to some family time, reading, playing games and just plain relaxing. We hear it will be hot, so not really looking forward to that. This week it's all about getting ready; packing, more laundry, haircuts and a trip to Target for some water toys. Jordan has a sleepover tonight at CHA. We won that one at the auction too. His teacher and the aid are hosting a sleepover in their classroom for 4 kids. They will swim (she's also a lifeguard), have pizza, watch a movie, play games, have breakfast, and I guess somewhere in between they will sleep. Sounds like fun, huh?

I'll try to post one more time before we head out. Till then, have a good week.

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