Thursday, June 7, 2007


Yesterday, I had one of those days where I found myself having to choose whose activities I was going to attend. Jordan had his heritage presentation at 9, Andrew starts school at 9. I volunteer in the cafe at 12, Andrew got out of school at 12!! So I dropped Andrew off early, 8:30, and headed to Jordan's school for his presentation. It was the funniest thing. We practiced and practiced at home, good eye contact, memorized his speech, talked to the audience. But when it came time to standing in front of his classmates and parents he read the speech from his paper, never looked up and read as fast as he could. I wanted to say to him "slow down and relax", but I couldn't. In the end I asked him how he felt and he said he thought he did great!! And he did. They had an International celebration afterwards with food from all different cultures; cookies, cakes, taquitos, rice, fruit. It was yummy and fun to watch the kids share part of who they are with us.

I had to cancel at the cafe. They were having a school wide pizza party but I just couldn't make it. So I headed to the preschool to pick up Andrew. It was his last day of school and I could feel the tears coming the moment I walked in the door. The kids were sitting on the rug listening to someone share what they brought. Then the teacher started telling them how much she has enjoyed being their teacher and she started crying. She told each of them that she loved them and would miss them. Tears are streaming down my face. I look around and see that the other moms are crying too. The kids all held hands and sang their goodbye song, for the last time. I'm still crying. They each got a hug from their teachers and we left.

I absolutely love the teachers at Weekday. They have helped us get through some difficult stages. But they also gave us so much love and support. I truly had that feeling of Andrew being safe and cared for. Andrew had different personalities at school, crazy sometimes, funny, life of the party sometimes, and anxious and sensitive other times. They accepted each of those sides of him; they encouraged his sense of humor, asked him to be serious when he had to be, secure and confident when he needed to be, and comforted him when they saw he needed it. I could never thank them enough for being such great teachers to my little boy. And the best part, he will be going to Summer School there and they will still be his teachers. All that crying for nothing! : )

And of course I had to show a cute picture of Sofia, just because.

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