Thursday, July 9, 2015

checking in on summer goals

i started this post with the list i wrote in june for our summer goals.  i was hoping to show the list with a bunch of stuff crossed off.  but the truth is the list didn't have a lot of done tasks and some things have changed and quite frankly i need to get a move on, literally.

i made this little page for my #littlesummerJOYS book that i'm making. i'm following along with little paper projects and documenting the little things of summer that i want to remember.

the one thing we have been doing a lot of is swimming.  we don't have a pool but we know a lot of people who do, and what's great is that they invite us over.

one day we went from one pool to another, the kids never even changed.  how cool is that?

 a few weeks ago we ventured out of the valley and had drinks and dinner in downtown la.  we started with happy hour at seven grand with some friends. it's such a comfy spot and we are enjoying trying out new drinks.

we had dinner at cole's. what a meal!! we each ordered half a french dip - beef, pork and pastrami and then an array of sides; tomato soup, spicy tater tots, french fries and sweet potato fries. and one order of two cheese mac and cheese to share.  the tots, the pickles and the horseradish mustard were spicy. but we couldn't stop eating.  we must go back!

 after dinner we went to the varnish for an after dinner drink. it's a "quintessential craft bar" at the back of the restaurant with a separate door and a long waiting list. luckily we were with someone that got us a table.  we enjoyed our dinner at cole's and right as we finished, a table inside the bar became available - score! honestly, we were all stuffed from dinner but we made room to share a cocktail and enjoy the atmosphere. (bummed i didn't get a picture of us here. next time.)

we've gone hiking a few times with our friends. the four of us hike and talk and then go out to breakfast. i'm lacking in exercise these days so getting out and sweating a bit is fun.

we've been reading a lot. the kids have their summer books they need to finish. i'm still working on tiny beautiful things. almost done. i want to finish and go to the library for my next book.

this year we made it out to the fireworks instead of watching them from afar. my sister lives within walking distance of the big neighborhood show. it was fun standing in the street and seeing them close up.

it was even better to walk back to their place and hang out while the traffic died down.

 we are working on some summer cocktails to enjoy. this is a red, white and blue sangria that we had on the 4th.  strawberries, blueberries, pinot grigio and sprite zero.

on the weekend we are loving this drink.  during the week we make the mocktail for a refreshing drink.

this week the boys went to the golfing range with their uncle. jordan finally got to use his new clubs - they were a gift for his 8th grade graduation. now he's asking to go again.

the dodger games just keep on coming.  last night bobby and sofia met their cousins at their annual father/daughter hello kitty dodger game.  they had a blast and look forward to continuing this tradition every year.  

jordan is still practicing and getting a lot better in swim.  the coach is impressed with how much improvement she's seen. the best part is that he's enjoying it. he is also practicing with his band for an upcoming gig.  his summer is almost over. he starts band camp in early august, yikes!

andrew is playing video games, a lot.  the technology system needs some new rules.  he is taking a science fiction writing class at school a few days a week and is having fun writing his strangely creative short story.  he is reading lots of tolkien and watching the original star trek and twilight zone series.

sofia is swimming, playing, skateboarding, cooking, playing with the keyboard, organizing all of her toys, playing club penguin, and watching teen beach movie 2 and full house.

i'm still organizing. got my room almost finished - made a lot of progress last week.i need to clear out clothes and do some decorating.  i'm helping out with summer events for the band. we are planning a camping trip in a few weeks and a family reunion.   i still want to order a chemex or another pour over system for some home brew coffee.

still lots i want to do but not stressing over it. here's to more summer fun!

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