Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015 menu week #31

chilaquiles with chipotle cream from the mission in san diego

glad to be home.

we had lots of fun on our summer getaway. we saw and did and ventured and relaxed. now it's time to get back to home life. i'm feeling a little more rested, a little more inspired.

we visited with family last week and had meals at their homes. we camped a few days so we had easy to cook camping meals. and we ate out a bit too. it was a good mix. sometimes vacation means eating out all three meals and then you get home and can't wait to cook - or is that just me?

ready to make some meals in my kitchen this week.

weekend eats
saturday: pizza
sunday: sushi and chinese food

making this week
monday:  in-n-out
tuesday: asian chicken salad
wednesday: tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches
thursday: salmon, couscous salad
friday: pizza

the menu is not all that inspiring this week but it will do.  hope you are having a happy tuesday!

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