Friday, July 10, 2015

some things | 7.10

something to celebrate - today is my parents' 49th wedding anniversary!! they are a model of how a real, honest, loving relationship can survive and thrive.  love you both.

something to do - planning to go to the renegade craft fair this weekend to see some handmade treasures and bring a few of them home. i mean it, just a few.

something for fun - these super cute pencils from the dollar spot at target. they will most likely never get used but they will be loved.

something to make - in honor of the minion movie coming out sofia and i will be making these milano minion cookies next week. want to help, grandma?

something that made me laugh til i cried - amy schumer on ellen talking about why she can never live in la, eating popcorn and dating a scone.  trust me, it's hysterical.

something to see - we want to see trainwreck next weekend at the fancy theater with the reclining seats and the cheese and cracker plates.

something to make - i want to make one of these big prints to hang over our bed. i admire kal barteski's style and would love to make something like that with my handwriting. that quote would be perfect for our room.

something i pinned recently -this recipe for vanilla chia seed pudding. looking at the ingredient list i have everything at home to make it - yay!

something to create - i could make fifty of these pages with all the food pictures i take.

something that would be fun to try - mini time capsule films. we take tons of pictures but we don't take enough video of our family.  the kids love watching themselves on video from when they were little and will want to see themselves as young adults some day too. it would be fun to have  a mini film of our next disneyland trip, on our camping trip and capturing time with friends and family this summer.  these videos are so beautiful. come to think of it, we do have this one.

something i'm regretting - taking out all of the clothes from the closet and removing all of the hangars so i can purge and organize. i did that this morning and they are still all over my bed. where will we sleep?

i guess i should take care of that right now.  happy weekend.

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