Friday, March 6, 2015

currently | march

organizing the hundreds of thoughts in my head; hair appointments, weekend schedules, volunteer obligations, household chores, art, writing, birthdays.

reading it was me all along. s o  s l o w l y.  i am enjoying it but lacking focus or patience these days.

creating "art" in my journal.  it's been fun and i'm happy with what i've done so far.

listening to the wind raging in the backyard.

considering a new hair look.  something lighter-ish? i better decide soon, it's happening today!

excited for my birthday.  everyone has the day off and we are going to celebrate.

thinking this or this would be a nice gift to me from me.

secretly hoping for this, because you know i need another camera.

looking for a dress to wear to our school gala.

running, running and running...and yogaing.

taking the important things seriously and

letting go of so many things that are not. ahhhh, feels good.

drinking my second cup of coffee - that rarely happens.

wishing i had a whole weekend with nothing to do, a stack of printed photos and my project life album.

planning a get to know me post or two for next week. hope that sounds interesting.

waiting for it to be lunch time so i can enjoy a crunchy ahi tuna salad from the yard house.

watching as many new to us episodes of the big bang theory as we can fit into one night - usually 2.

recommending the pulled pork that i made this week.  i put some of the leftovers on pizza last night that was excellent too.

wondering how many people will read this since it's national unplug day - of which i am clearly not participating in.

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