Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 weekly menu #14

friday evening snack, minus the salami when we realized it was friday.
we are so excited to be on spring break this week.  we get to sleep in a little and enjoy the day a lot. we're planning some playdates, movie watching, maybe swimming or beach day, along with the organization, eye appointments and showers. we still have baseball and softball this week but it will be a much easier pace.

last week our menu looked nothing like i had planned.  we ate out once, moved the dinners around, had egg burritos and cereal instead of what i had planned  (that was a good dinner).  some weeks are like that. i plan the menu but things change as the week moves along. i've learned to go with it.

weekend eats
saturday: tried a new mexican place but it was not worth it - we'll stick with what we know and love
sunday: sushi and menchie's

making this week
monday: pasta with meat sauce
tuesday: cobb salad
wednesday: pork chops with balsamic roasted vegetables and gorgonzola
thursday: calzones, salad
friday: passover with friends (this was on the menu a few weeks ago and then i realized i had the date wrong. thank goodness we didn't show up at their house 2 weeks early.)

hope your enjoying some time off too.

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