Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 weekly menu #11

took yesterday off to celebrate.  none of the kids had school and bobby got the day off so we could have some family fun at disneyland.  it was a fantastic day!

maybe i should have wished for someone else to make dinner this week. and do the dishes, the laundry and everything else i have to do so i can enjoy the week off.  sounds good, right?

right now i have two crock pots going with corned beef and cabbage for a mother's guild meeting at nd.  like i told the coordinator, i've never made it before, i've never eaten it before, but that's never stopped me before.  hope they turn out.

weekend eats
saturday: tacos from our local mexican food spot
sunday: dinner at macaroni grill

making this week
monday: birthday dinner at cafe orleans in disneyland
tuesday: caldo de pollo (mexican chicken soup)
wednesday: italian chopped salad
thursday: chicken milanese with tomatoes and arugula salad
friday: shrimp lettuce wraps, cucumber salad - 3rd times the charm

thanks to everyone for the well wishes on my birthday.  i felt the love all day long.

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