Tuesday, March 24, 2015

a journey to excellence

this past saturday night our school held it's annual gala and auction fundraiser.  it was a bit of a twist from what the school has done in the past upping the ante for a more successful event.

the event is run through our development office, who is our friend jennifer, and the theme was journey to excellence. the goal this year was to raise money for our new international baccalaureate program training - something everyone is excited about.

the most unique thing about this year's gala was the venue that was offered to the school through a parent.  the event was held at air hollywood, a stage and studio that houses props and sets for all things aviation.  movies, tv shows and commercials that have an airport or airplane scene were most likely filmed here.  they also have a replica of a pan am airplane body where they offer the pan am experience.

every guest received a boarding passes as they entered the venue.

it was awesome to have the props and sets available for whatever we needed.  this was the guest check in area.

the security and waiting area (pre-party).  guests arrived and picked up a glass of champagne as they went through "security".  and got a chance to see vintage flight attendant uniforms and memorabilia.

then they passed through the airplane where bridesmaids and wolf of wall street were filmed.

and of course we took photos.

they had the cockpit from airplane lit up so we could take pictures and figure out what all the dial and switches are for.

guests mingled, ate appetizers and bid on the silent auction items that were available.

then they went into the dining area for dinner.  the back drop is the pan am plane that was used for the vip reception and was later open so guests could enjoy it.

my friend mari and i with the lovely pan am flight attendants.

and sitting in the luxury seats.

dinner was braised short ribs, barramundi, mashed potatoes and green beans.  but the highlight was the carrot souffle.  

and for dessert a flourless chocolate cake and cookies.

during dinner there were speeches; one by the president of the board of trustees, aka bobby.  and the live auction went live and raised lots of money.

everyone went home with a chocolate airplane, made by a cha parent, and a gala luggage tag.

the next morning a few of us came back to put everything back to normal (i showed up to do the sweeping) and to recap the night's event.  overall it was a first class event and we are so thankful to everyone that had a part in putting it together and those that attended the event.

congratulations jennifer for an unforgettable event!

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