Friday, June 13, 2014

around here | june

we are picking and eating yummy things from our garden.  zucchini, tomatoes and herbs.

we attended two retirement parties on the same weekend.

friday night we honored our head of school for the last five years as she retired from an educational career of over 40 years.  we dedicated the garden in her name, gave her a commendation from the city, and placed a statue by the garden to honor her dedication and care to our school.

she did a lot to move our school forward and especially over the last year when we fought to keep our beautiful campus - and won!  she was at the helm keeping all of us focused and staying positive.  she works so hard for our little school and we appreciate all that she has done.

our campus is the perfect place for a party, don't you think?

the second retirement party was on saturday for the notre dame band director of 46 years! talk about a legacy.

we were lucky to have been a part of the band for his last year as director.  the respect that the students, staff and parents have for him is impressive.  he started the band at notre dame and has maintained the highest standard throughout it's program; never missing a football game and competing in festivals, parades and showcases with quality and dedication. we are happy that the new director is coming from within and can carry on the program with the same integrity and class.

the tables were decorated with some of the trophies that the band has received over it's history.  there were plenty to go around.

we're eating pie.  yummy, sweet berry pies.  homemade and store bought.  it's all good.

we are loving watching our nephew grow.  he recognizes each of us and loves playing with the kids.  and we're hoping to meet our new cousin soon.  love seeing the pictures on facebook but i want to kiss and snuggle him.  we'll have to make some time to come visit.

we are done with baseball.  andrew's last game was on tuesday and it was a good game for him.  we will miss the playoffs but will be rooting the dodgers on.

and someone is happy that we will not be at the baseball field all of the time. although i know she will miss the snack bar.

enjoying this beautiful box of chocolates that were a gift from a fellow pto mom and made by one of the moms at our school.  the box doesn't look like this anymore.  we are being patient and enjoying each piece.  thank you for the thoughtful gift!

this was the graduating class of 2014. they call themselves the harmony of 9.  and it was appropriately summed up in the valedictorian's speech when she said something like this; we are a group made up of singers, artists, readers, athletes, and technology geeks, but together we make the perfect harmony. the ceremony was personal and touching.  each graduate was introduced by a teacher who described the student perfectly.  one teacher even wrote and sang a song.  yeah, we were all crying and laughing.  

graduations at our school are something special.  a lot of the kids have been at cha since pre-school and this is their second home.  saying goodbye is tough. we are a big family and change is difficult.  but we are also so proud of the kids that graduate and we know they will do well in high school and in life.  

it felt like just yesterday that we were celebrating jordan's graduation.  and in 2 short years it will be andrew's turn.  

we've been to end of the year parties, jordan is doing water polo (6 days a week) and we are getting ready to go on vacation.  just the five of us.  cannot wait!!!

summer is here and we are going to enjoy every day.

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Aiden would love to meet you guys too!