Thursday, June 12, 2014

2014 weekly menu | week 24

apple tart for a girls' brunch last weekend.
did this week really go by that fast?  did this year really go by this fast?  i was at the 6th grade end of the year party yesterday and we were all commenting on how it felt like we had just been there celebrating the end of 5th grade.  time is going way to fast, don't you think?

so it's no longer my plan for the week but a look at what we had for dinner this week.  kind of a fun change of pace.

weekend eats
saturday: notre dame retirement party for our band director
sunday: pork roast, potatoes and blueberry pie (thanks grandma sue)

made this week
monday: spaghetti and sauce with italian pork sausage. i had dinner at yard house and watched the hockey game with a friend.
tuesday: chicken caesar wraps, veggies and dip - after a baseball game defeat and water polo double header - we ate at 8:00 pm.
wednesday: last day of school parties - we ended up ordering a pizza for the 5 of us
thursday: grilled salmon salad  - if i can get myself to trader joe's in the next 10 minutes.
friday: dodger game - i'll bring hot dogs and drinks and we'll eat junk sensible snacks there.

first day of summer vacation today was thoroughly enjoyed but not productive - unless you count meeting friends at in-n-out and shopping on amazon productive.

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