Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 weekly menu | week 25

dessert options: banana cream pie, berry pie or tea cakes
this week is a bit crazy.  andrew is going to baseball camp on one side of the valley, jordan is going to water polo practice on the other side of the valley, and sofia and i are trying to entertain ourselves, run some errands and drive all over the valley.

so far we survived day 1.  we went shopping for summer clothes and sandals, grabbed a starbucks, and chatted in the car about movies and friends.

dinnertime will also be a challenge this week.  i'm going try to keep the menu flexible since i'm not quite sure how our evenings will work out.

weekend eats
saturday: bbq at my-in-laws - chicken, baked beans and pie
sunday: father's day bbq at my parents; carne asada, salad and berry crisp

making this week
monday: grilled salmon, couscous salad
tuesday: pizza - it's water polo night
wednesday: chicken fajitas, rice, homemade corn tortillas
thursday: breakfast burritos, fruit salad
friday: eat out

hope you're enjoying some time off this week.

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