Tuesday, November 6, 2012


i am home with a sick/recovering little girl who had a rough day yesterday.  she caught a stomach bug and it took its toll on her.

we are going to vote.  kind of excited that she's home and i can share this with her.  this election, and politics in general, have been a topic of conversation for our family over the last few months.  we've talked about social issues, explained how the electoral college works (the kids know more than i do about this), watched and commented on debates.  it's great to finally cast my vote.

i will respect other people's voices, comments and beliefs.

we are going to the grocery store.  having sofia home yesterday meant i needed to change my schedule and be flexible.  hopefully she will be feeling better later today.  if not, it's take out tonight.

i am using this "day off" to do things at home.  i should be at the school assembly this morning passing out prizes from our fundraiser.  instead i'll work around the house washing, cleaning and wiping the germs away.

i am reading her books, making sure she gets her homework done, and spelling mi-ssi-ssi-ppi over and over.

the boys will get to participate in the mock elections at school.  a few weeks ago they held mock debates where jordan played the part of the vice president of the united states.  it will be fun to see who the school "elects".

jordan will have a dress rehearsal for mock trial.  their first competition is tomorrow.  jordan's prosecution team will compete next monday.  wishing him and the entire mock trial team lots of luck.

halo 4 came out.  why do i know this?  3 boys in the house that are more excited about this than the election.

i hope you will get out and vote today.

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