Tuesday, November 27, 2012

thanksgiving: in photos

this year for thanksgiving we went to my in-laws house in wofford heights.  bobby and i had planned this trip a few months ago hoping to spend four days away from the city and busyness of everyday life.  it was exactly what we needed.

there's always something to eat.  especially when you have an italian mother-in-law in the house.  we left our house on thursday morning and arrived just in time for appetizers and football.

and then set the table for our thanksgiving dinner.

mike and becky joined us for dinner.  we said grace outside around the indian grindstone.  such a cool tradition.  and then took pictures.

bob bought the turkey at the local grocery store and for $10 more they cooked it for us.  now that's a deal.  we had fresh cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green beans.

and for dessert...

bobby made 2 pies.  yes, you read that right, bobby.  he was looking at one of my cooking magazines and wanted to take on the challenge of making the pies.  and he did an amazing job.  they were outstanding and no one complained (or maybe noticed) that they were lightened up versions. they were good and that's all that mattered.  i'll get better pictures and give you the links in a later post.  totally worth sharing.

friday i started my one mile a day challenge.  trying to get in one mile from thanksgiving (or the day after) until new year's day.
it's beautiful to run in this clean and fresh location.

everyone went out for a quad ride while i stayed home knitting, reading, and taking a nap.  not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

dinner was leftovers followed by a game of apples to apples.

saturday bobby and d joined in on the run.  this time we did 2.6 miles.  we were trying to make up for all that food we ate.

we had a wine tasting in the new wine barn.
checking out the cabernet for this year.  still very young but so far, so good.

and then baby anthony showed up and it was all about oohing and ahhing. hugging and cuddling.  we love babies.

sunday we did one last run.  then bobby took the boys shooting (glad i was not there to witness it).  he said they did great.  must be from all of that video game playing.  and mike, who is a police officer, was there to keep everyone in check and using proper gun safety rules.  thank you for that.

we had one last toast to the peaceful and relaxing days we spent here.

then we took some family photos and headed home.

thank you to everyone who made this the perfect weekend.

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Alexa said...

Hi Betty!! It sounds like you all had an amazing time! It is so relaxing up there and I'm loving all of the photos. Wish I could have been there to share a glass of wine with you all! :)