Wednesday, November 28, 2012

it's reciprocal

do you know that story?
the one from 20 years ago today.
the one on november 28, 1992, where bobby and i stood beside my car outside of his house after seeing "aladdin".
when he told me that he really liked me.
he said that he loved the times we spent together making our student film about elvis.
where we spent hours working in the editing room until the wee hours of the morning.
the times we would walk around campus getting to know each other.
those moments when he would keep my hands warm, i'm always cold, and i would stare into his green eyes.
listening to him talk with confidence about anything - he is so smart.
writing notes to each other on the clapboard during takes.
going to subway together because he didn't know what he wanted - even though he always orders the meatball sub.
going to the movies as friends.
hanging out at taft high school after filming during a football game.
asking our friends "do you think he/she likes me?" - yes, this was college not high school.

he told me he wanted to spend more time with me.
he asked me to be his girlfriend.

that story.
that day that changed my life forever.
for good.

i answered him with "it's reciprocal."
i don't know why.
it felt smart.
but then it felt silly.
and now that's our thing.

20 years later.
i love him more.
i love us more.

and i bet he would say,
"it's reciprocal".