Friday, November 9, 2012

race for the cure - san diego

 a week after the l.a. half marathon we joined the brockett family for a very important event.  the breast cancer race for the cure in san diego.

this is an event that we have been a part of for years.  we've missed the last few years because of schedule conflicts.  but we committed to be a part of it this year.

we participate in celebration of aunt becky.  i won't go into the personal details but becky is battling this awful cancer once again.  so this race had even more significance this year.  and we needed to be there to show our support to her and her family.

bobby, jordan and i decided we were going to run it.  our trainer wanted us to take 2 weeks off from running after the 1/2. but i got the ok since it was only a 5k.

we didn't register for the timed race so we found ourselves trying to run among a sea of walkers.  we dodged and weaved, ran on the side walk and at times were forced to walk.  but we definitely got a good run in.

the coolest part is getting to run on the freeway.  they close one section of the freeway for this event. people going the other direction are honking and cheering us on.

once we got to the 2nd mile we ran the rest of the way.  it was tough.  my muscles were tight and that last hill got us all.  but we finished and made a deal to run in the timed group next year.

i loved the chance to get to run with these guys.  jordan did better than me and bobby.  his long legs and endurance from swimming really helped.  it made me happy to have the two of them by my side.

and running for such an important cause, and for someone that we love, made this even more special.

we love you becky!!

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Sandra Patricia said...

What a great run! So cool that Jordan ran too. I wish Aunt Becky the best <3