Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the life - wednesday

i have been carrying around my camera all week.  taking lots of photos and trying to capture our everyday.  what a week this has been.  wednesdays are usually my busiest day of the week and this was no exception, in fact it was a bit busier than usual.  take a look . . .

getting ready for school.  jord's class went to the ronald reagan library for a field trip today so he had to wear his cha shirt.  brushing his hair in the morning is always a challenge.

sofia dressed for school.  she is a doll.
some alone time in the car.
my wednesday eco festival meeting.  planning for the big event.

made it back to the gym today.  a huge accomplishment for me this week.

one of my all time favorite meals: baja fresh tortilla soup and chips.  it was a bit chilly today so this was perfect.
 walking up to another meeting at cha.  this one is for the mother/daughter tea happening next weekend.  sofia is an honorary member of the pto.  she goes to more meetings than some of the parents.  she has her stuffed dog in her jacket.  she didn't want him to get wet.

 picked up the boys from school, came home for some hot chocolate and a snack and then it's off to CCD.  andrew makes his first communion in 3 weeks, right before his birthday.
today was also the model clothes selection at old navy.  the mother/daughter tea includes a fashion show.  so we met the girls at old navy to help them select their outfits.  this is a picture from the surveillance camera of me and sofia and the baron's waiting for the models to show up.  and then chaos broke out.  9 3rd grade girls looking for outfits, trying on clothes, laughing.  sofia was grabbing clothes too saying "i want to try on my outfit".  it was mad!  but it's done.
dinner: salmon and spinach salad with strawberries, blue cheese and candied pecans.

ended the day with a little mad men.  bobby and i LOVE this show.  we borrowed the dvd collection from a friend so we get to watch an episode every night before going to bed.  i love the styling on this show and i love to hate don draper.  bobby even started calling me bets.  great show.

gratitude: thankful that my daughter is 4 and not 9.  wow, alot changes.  but i am looking forward to going shopping with her.

thoughts on today: CRAZY!  my usual wednesday mixed with meetings and fashion show stuff.  i felt like my adrenaline was running all day.  but it's good to see that a lot got done.  i think the workout saved me.

having fun documenting.

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