Thursday, April 8, 2010

i wish

i wanted to do a blog post about our easter celebrations but i have this need to get this down first.  here goes:

i wish i had a designated scrap space.
i wish i had time in my day to get all of my to-dos done and time left over to have fun.
i wish i blogged more often.
i wish i didn't care so much about my weight, maybe that way i could just lose it and forget about it.
i wish i was more consistent.
i wish my kids could stay at this age.
i wish bobby and i could have more alone time.
i wish i had more money to buy really amazing gifts.
i wish i had a garden full of yellow and orange flowers.
i wish i had this.
i wish my car was always clean.
i wish i would finish what i started.
i wish i could make money doing something i love.
i wish i knew what that was.
i wish my kids could never feel alone, pain or heartbreak.
i wish my hair was neither red nor gray.
i wish i could be on time.
i wish licorice and tortilla chips had no calories.
i wish i could feel peace all the time.
i wish i wasn't so sensitive.
i wish it could be 75 degrees everyday, make that 72.
i wish i loved adventure vacations as much as bobby does.
i wish we could go to italy every year.
i wish i made going to the gym a priority.
i wish modern family was on everyday.
i wish we didn't have so many legos.
i wish fear didn't keep me from trying new things.
i wish i was more confident.

i hope you have a good day.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Just catching up with your blog. I love the action photos of your busy day... also, love Modern Family. I think its the best show on television! Glad to see you guys are doing so great, and hope to see you soon!

♥ Sarah