Saturday, February 6, 2010

28 things i love: day 6

scooter's jungle

it is the place to have your kid's birthday party.  what's great about it is that there is something for everyone, including the parents.  air hockey, go carts, ping pong, bouncy houses, and a gigantic slide that will scar you for life if you don't put your arms up.  (that's sofia going down the slide with a friend) we've been to at least 6 parties here in the last year.  we love it so much more than chuck e. chesse's.  today we went for two of sofia's friends,  twin boys who are turning 5.  i think one of them has a little crush on sofia, it's so cute.  there were so many kids running around, going down slides and using the zip line.  so much fun!

in other news: jordan took his test for the johns hopkins talent search today.  it was a computerized math and verbal test that took him about 40 minutes to complete.  we should get the results in 3 weeks and we'll see if he's eligible to take some classes over the summer.

hope everyone had a good saturday.

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