Friday, February 5, 2010

28 things i love: day 5

being aware
i had my first physical therapy today at the new place.  actually her name is martha and to be perfectly honest i was a little worried.  when we talked yesterday to make my appointment i thought, this lady is too happy and peppy, she might drive me crazy.  but i haven't been to therapy in a week and although the cortisone shot really helped i feel like my shoulders and back are tightening back up.  so it was time to go again.  unfortunately this place is in burbank, not down the street from my house like the other place.  but as soon as she started working on me and asking questions i felt great.  she loosened me up right away and at one point i could feel the circulation in my arm come back, pure energy all the way down to my fingertips.  the best part of this treatment was lying on this foam tube.  i could feel my back and shoulders open up.  it was AWESOME.  no heat or stim this time, kind of missed that.  but she was very caring.  so my homework this week is to be aware of my body.  i have a tendency to slump my shoulders and tighten my upper body.  as soon as i feel that i need to push my shoulder blades together and engage my core.  also to be aware of the feeling in my fingers, what makes them numb or feel tender or painful.  and then to be aware of my environment that makes me feel stress.  that one will probably be the hardest to control.  taking that moment when i can feel myself tensing up, and remember to relax and breathe.  easy right?  i'm doing it right now.

going into a busy weekend.  but will still try to post.

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