Wednesday, February 3, 2010

28 things i love: day 3

being snack mom
actually today was a tough one because there was a lot to love.  but being snack mom topped the list.  sofia is very active in planning the menu for her classmates.  this morning it was bagels and cream cheese, turkey sausage, cantelope and melon and orange juice.  i always want to plan something interesting but find that the kids really like simple; cheese and crackers.  it turns out that this group of kids are good eaters.  so next time i may be more adventurous and bring in something fun.  as snack girl sofia helps with the calendar for the day, she sets the table and gets to sit down first.  she loves that.  after snack the kids and teachers thank the snack person and their parent for bringing snack.  i laugh because when they ask sofia (or andrew and jordan when they were in preschool) what my name is she always says betty.  the school knows me as gioconda.  so i have to explain the reason behind the two names.  it always gets a laugh.  i love watching sofia interact with her friends.  she has a lot of friends who are boys.  two in particular whose mom told me that they love her because she doesn't just play girl stuff.  that's right, she can hang with the boys and dress up with the girls.  i love that!

a few other things to love: jordan's teacher emailing us because she thought there was an error in his grade point average.  he received second honors and she was surprised.  she went over his report card and found that he missed first honors by .07.  that's it.  so close.  so she wanted us to know that he had done an amazing job the first semester and that she would work with him to make little improvements that will give him what we know he is capable of.  what a special place to go to school.

andrew will be playing for the trojans this year.  he has moved up to farm baseball and his coach sounds really motivated and ready to go.  i am so thankful and hopeful that this will be a better year.  i can't wait to see him in his uniform.  sorry uncle bill.

going out to the movies tonight with some moms from school.  we will see extraordinary measures.  really looking forward to it.

happy wednesday

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