Friday, January 3, 2014

turning 15

this really was a big year for jordan.  in one year he has grown and done so much.  what inspires me the most about him is his attitude.  he'll try anything, regardless of fear and then he decides if it's for him and he moves on.  it's that simple.  i seem to always get stuck in the fear.

this year we have seen the change from a child to a young man, taking on responsibility and independence.  he has grown physically and emotionally.  in some ways he is still my little boy but in many others i am seeing the man he is meant to become.

i've found myself telling people how much i like him.  he's a good person with a big heart.  he is smart and strong and wickedly funny.  i like being with him.  my favorite time is when i pick him up from school and we go through the "interrogation"; "how was school?", "who did you have lunch with?", "how was practice?".  he puts up with my constant questions and tells me what i need to hear.  i'm not sure how long that will last but i'll enjoy it as long as i can.

over the last few years we have discovered his ability to play music.  the drums came naturally to him and it's something he is passionate about.  for his birthday we bought him a keyboard and now he's teaching himself to play the piano.  he plays in 2 bands as well as the notre dame marching band. you can see it's what he loves to do and will do forever.

he also found a passion for water polo.  he's always been a swimmer but combining swimming and basketball made water polo the perfect sport for him.  he doesn't mind going to practice or early morning workouts and has been inspired by his teammates and his coaches to push himself to be a better player.

in some ways he is still such a kid.  he loves legos and helps andrew out all the time.  he is challenged by the rubiks cube and obsesses works on it until he gets it right.  he can be silly. he plays games, and draws, and sometimes throws tantrums - though less these days.

he's an amazing brother.  while bobby was gone he took over the role of parent and helped me out whenever he was around.  i know he was tired at times but he could see that i needed the support and he was always there.

in mexico at 15 we celebrate the transition from child to adulthood.  for girls there is a big party with fancy dresses and a waltz. it makes sense to celebrate this important birthday.  no longer a child, they are going up and discovering who they are.  it's an exciting time.

it's time to let him grow and discover the world. it's time to let him experience a little more freedom.  it's time to let him make mistakes and take more chances.  it's time to let him figures things out on his own.  it's time to let him make choices and deal with the consequences.  it's his time.

jordan - thank you for being such a wonderful son. thank you for caring. thank you for your friendships. thank you for your compassion.  thank you for taking school seriously. thank you for being who you are. with all of my love - mom.

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