Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 weekly menu: week 2

working on the perfect ragu. this one was pretty darn close.
there is no sense in going back and reminding myself of everything we ate over the last 3 weeks.  lots of eating out, lots of pizza, lots of homemade food with family. sometimes dinner was a few christmas cookies and a glass of wine. but it's time to get back to good, healthy eating.

i'm not looking forward to sending the kids back to school and bobby back to work.  it's always hard  after being together for 2 weeks.

but in some ways i'm excited to get life back on a schedule.  i feel motivated this year to get stuff done and improve our lives.  and there is a lot to get done this year. my goals are big, but doable.  just have to get started.

for now, getting back to planning and getting our life back to normal.

weekend eats:
saturday: dinner at island's with friends
sunday: chinese take out

making this week:
monday: chicken parmesan, couscous, salad
tuesday: shrimp stir fry, brown rice
wednesday: turkey burgers, oven fries
thursday: mediterranean salad, pita
friday: pizza

now let's get to work.

i am linking up with org junkie - check out the post for more menu ideas.

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stephanie howell said...

YUM. sooo I really really really need to learn to cook like an italian while i'm here. LOVE.