Friday, January 10, 2014

a christmas recap

if you look back at my december blog posts it's pretty pathetic.  was it because there wasn't anything to share?  heck no.  it was because there was no time to share it.  and in a way, that's ok with me.  i was busy living life, and yes, trying to survive the craziness.  but it was about being in the moment and living it.

one thing i have come to realize, especially with the recent loss of computers and pictures, is that this blog helps me remember and document our story.  i often find myself looking through this blog to answer questions like, what did we do last christmas? or how old was andrew when...? or what did i make for dinner last month?  it's our life on paper (or computer screen.)

and it's great that i get to share it with those of you that come by to read. so thanks.

i am once again recommitting to posting here regularly, and by regularly i mean 3 times a week. if i can do more i will but i am also aware that quality beats out quantity and that's what i'm aiming for, meaningful posts.

we did have a busy december and i wanted to recap in pictures and short description what our december 2013 looked like.

now if you are saying to yourself, christmas was so last year, you're right.  but we still have our (artificial) christmas tree up so it's still the season at our house.  at least until tomorrow.

so read on friends.

december starts here with bobby's birthday.  i love that we get to celebrate a birthday at the beginning of the month and we get to end the month with another birthday at our house.  cake, tacos, rice, the usual.  gifts, love and happiness made it special.

the notre dame band marched in the granada hills parade.  what made this extra special is that this is our neighborhood.  we walk to this parade every year and see the floats and people go by.  it was so much fun to walk the parade route with the band and see many familiar faces along the way.

for sofia's class my mom and i made tamales to show a tradition that we celebrate during the holidays.  i love that it's become a tradition for my mom and i to make these for school.  my mom does most of the work but i love this time shared with her that i know i will share with sofia someday.

the kids holiday performance was great.  the songs are always so fun and festive and it gets better every year thanks to our amazing music director.

i tried hard to keep up with my mile a day this year but it was not meant to be.  i think i made it to day 17 or 18 and then i got sick and busy and the weather was not perfect!  i start training later this month so i better get up to speed fast or i'm in trouble.

bobby and i got away to palm springs for the weekend.  not always the best time to go away but it was so relaxing and kind of perfect.  bobby is a guest lecturer for a screenwriting masters program and they invite him back every year.  i tag along and go shopping or hang out in the room and then we get to go to dinner or the movies or a party at night.

we ate at a pizza place one night and had these buttery gnocchis that i'm still thinking about.

brockett annual cookie bake was a blast.  the adults bake and the kids decorate and then everyone eats.  always new recipes, always lots of people, and one of the best things we do in december.

the pto held its annual holiday boutique where the kids get to go shopping for gifts for their families.  it's a crazy two days but it's so much fun to see the kids picking out gifts for their parents, siblings and pets.  especially the little ones who really just want to buy something for themselves.  this is a great event.

my friend jennifer and i took a class at chez cherie again.  this time it was all about holiday appetizers.  these were simple, pretty and really good.

here's jen with her potato leek shooter.  lots of great ideas at this class.  looking forward to the next one.

we had a pot luck at our december pto meeting and someone brought in these gorgeous candies.  did i mention i gained a few pounds over the holiday?  

christmas cards were ordered at the beginning of the month and did not go in the mail until mid month.  it takes a lot of time to stuff, address and seal each one.  my dream is to handwrite each of the addresses with fancy lettering. i should start doing that now, right?  i think this was one of my favorite cards ever.

school holiday parties before the break.  it was nice to only have 2 to go to this year.  not as much running around for me.  loved the creative parties and seeing the kids hanging out with their friends.  

we are lucky that bobby also gets time off during the holidays.  we get to have breakfast at ihop and hang out together for two weeks.  

we went to a christmas party with friends.  we got to sing carols, sit by the fire and visit with people we haven't seen in a while. lovely.

the brockett christmas gathering is always a lot of fun.  hanging out with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids (and soon to be new little cousin) is a highlight for sure.  

we do elf on a shelf, sort of.  the first year sam came to our house, the kids freaked and didn't want him around.  last year they got used to him.  and this year we kind of forgot about him.  but every once in a while he would show up doing some silly things.

christmas eve meant a visit from santa at the grandparents' house, a tradition that we are restarting now that there are more little ones around.  it was fun to see them sitting on his lap and answering his questions.  looking forward to the tradition continuing.

then it was home for our christmas eve tradition; watching "love actually", enjoying a cocktail and waiting for santa to drop off the gifts.

christmas morning we were spoiled.  no grinch can ever take away our christmas spirit.

mimosas and chocolate croissants for breakfast at our house...

tamales, rice and salad for dinner at my parents' house.

we love giving gifts in unique packaging.  he really thought he was getting cereal from us.  (we put a t-shirt and movie in the box).

christmas selfie.

the very next day jordan and i were off to arizona for the fiesta bowl parade, a story for another post.

new year's eve was spent at my parents' house playing cards.  

then we went across the street to my brother's house for karaoke.  i love that everyone participated, some consuming more drinks than others.

and some really getting into it.  he has a history with karaoke and celine dion.  

and that bring us back to 2014 with so many new memories to make and write about.  thanks again for reading and sharing our story.

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