Wednesday, October 23, 2013

our weekend in photos

just a typical weekend for us.

friday, jordan and the jv water polo team had a game at harvard westlake.  the jv team did not fare well but varsity won their match.  it was amazing to see jordan in the stands with his teammates, cheering them on and then celebrating their victory with a t-shirt rally.

he went straight from the game to notre dame for the last home football game of the season.  it's been so fun going to high school football games and cheering the knights as they win, and lose.  but what makes it even more exciting is watching the band take the field at halftime.  they play good music and put on a show.

this has been such a great experience for him.  he has met so many friends and has been able to share something that he is truly passionate about.  he has been challenged and is taking his commitment very seriously.  he is already looking forward to next year and being a solid member of the drumline.  keeping my fingers crossed that his audition goes well.

one of my favorite things at the home games is to listen to the drumline practice before the game.  they really get everyone pumped up and excited.

in the past i have helped serve snack for the band, sold notre dame merchandise, and worked the snack bar for the athletic boosters.  it's a great way to experience the community at notre dame.  the high school kids standing around socializing and not paying attention to the game - fascinating.  the snack stand is hectic and fast, but you get to meet a lot of parents and students.

for the last game i sat in the stands and enjoyed the game with andrew and sofia - who would rather be any place else - and the band boosters.  we ate pretzels and subway and tried our hand at the 50/50 raffle.  glad i was able to do that one last time.  our home season was short with only 4 home games. but hopefully the team makes the playoffs and we will get a few more games in our stadium.

saturday, yes saturday, we got up bright and early to get jordan to notre dame by 6am.  the band left for their review in riverside.  i decided not to go this weekend with them. jordan texted me after the award ceremony to tell me the band won first place.  that is a huge accomplishment now that they are in a very competitive division.  check out the video.

so proud of their hard work.  looking forward to seeing them compete this weekend in anaheim.

sunday we had breakfast at home and then church.  sofia went to a birthday party with friends and i spent the evening hanging out with "the girls" at the yardhouse.

candlelight, a bottle of wine, and the slowest service ever!  but we had such a blast laughing and sharing stories. and we are making some fun plans together.

we have a few more hectic weekends ahead with a water polo tournament, more parades, birthday parties and school dances.  but with two of us sharing the load it will be easier.  i can't wait for that!

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