Thursday, October 10, 2013

around here: october

finally getting a post on here during the week.  i think about writing, i want to write but i sit down at the computer and can't start, or get distracted by email, or really never have the time to sit down at the computer.

lots of catching up on photos and stories.  there are so many lost or forgotten by now.  but here's what's happening around here.

this is jordan's water polo game day uniform.  i love seeing him dressed up like this.  the team may not be doing that well but they look sharp. (side note: jordan scored his first goal, and the only goal of the game, yesterday. so proud of him.)

working my way through this six pack.  got a mixed pack at trader joe's and finding what i like.  so far the pumpkick is the best but i'm only half way through.

here's jord's other uniform - his away game band uniform.  that's him right in the middle.  the game was at chaminade on friday and what a nail biter. it ended in a field goal attempt with controversy.  no comment since i think some a few chaminade moms read my blog, but it was really disappointing.

in jordan's free time he plays drums in a band.  they played on saturday at a music store.  in the end they were disappointed with their performance but it was a learning experience for everyone.  can't wait to see them perform again and rock it.

trying really hard to get started on this book.  i've been carrying it around with me for a month and am on page 3.  good so far...

oops, i neglected the garden too.  and found crazy, overgrown zucchini!

saw this on the sidewalk by notre dame.  love!

here's some of my chalkboard art for school's pto drive.  love the ease of the boards and that we can use them over and over for other fundraisers and events.  it will be a shame to erase this though.

the pigs are in the house.  forgot all about this game until unlce jessie and gaby brought it over.  we are having fun teaching the kids how to play.

somebody had a birthday. and somebody loves teen beach movie.

someone else is constantly building legos...and leaving them all over the house.

the countdown is on.  just a few more weeks and he'll be home and smothered with love.  he is on the biggest and hardest adventure of his career.  can't wait to see him.

if you add pumpkin to something, i will buy it.  i did not take a picture of the pumpkin spice english muffins, but they were good.

majestic buttes.

and to end, just an announcement that i am in second place in our fantasy football league.  i play the number one team this weekend.  tacocorp is going down! that's all.

working on another post for tomorrow but making no promises.  

thanks for reading.

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