Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 41

so yummy with a cup of tea. 
this may be the craziest week we'll have since bobby's been gone. no, really.

it starts today with sofia's birthday, spirit week at notre dame, homecoming game and dance, first parade for the nd band, working at the rose bowl swap meet, water polo game.  and then i talked to bobby and he said this is the craziest production week for him.  it's like we're together, but we're miles apart.

and we're gonna make it through this one too.

weekend eats:
saturday: hamburgers and salad after jordan's gig
sunday: pizza and salad

making this week:
monday: mac and cheese, chicken and salad, and birthday cake
tuesday: leftovers
wednesday: turkey burgers and fries - never got to this last week
thursday: chicken tacos, rice
friday: football fare - getting kind of sick of this but it's easy

happy birthday to my sweet sofia.  can't wait to celebrate with her.

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