Friday, April 5, 2013

forever nuts

i laughed out loud when i read this package while making a cup of tea.  somehow it describes life right now.

i may look calm and collected on the outside but inside i am nuts.

thinking about everything.
working on the next thing.
worrying about what can or did go wrong.
what did i forget? 
thinking about what i would rather be doing.

this week it felt like i was barely getting by.  it is teacher and staff appreciation week at our school.  the pto is in charge of daily events to celebrate our staff and teachers.  it's been a fun week but so busy.

on top of that it was baseball practice and game, volleyball practice (which means twice the drive to and from school), daily homework, bobby's csun lecture, school reports, trying to find lost keys, getting my weekly runs in (i could not function without that), visiting with a friend from out of town.

see what i mean?  nuts.

i learned a long time ago to be honest with myself.  i know i can't do it all. i will kill myself trying. but i do push myself to the edge. i will do the best that i can with the time and energy that i have.

there is a lot of retrospect as well.  making better choices next time.  being better prepared for weeks like this.  it easier to think when you are not caught up in the stress of the moment.  i learn everyday.

and it always works out.

we made it to the end of the week.  the teachers and staff feel appreciated. no notices from school that the kids are failing (at least not yet).  i packed lunches and fed the family every night.  ok, ihop fed them last night, but i did the other nights. i managed to run.  still can't find those keys though.

life might be a little messy and a lot nuts, but it always works out.

by the way, that tea was delicious.  so nutty can also be delicious.

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Sandra Patricia said...

Cute post Betty! Yes, you guys are 'nuts' but you're soo good at always managing to get through looking calm and collected. :) Hoping we can catch up soon??