Friday, April 12, 2013

around here: april

working from school today is helping me get a lot done.  i've met with a caterer, turned in my gala rsvp, sent out countless emails, shared our dine out for this weekend, finished up a flyer, and wrote this post.  pretty productive morning. but i'm sitting right next to the cafe and that is making me hungry.

the marlins have new uniforms.  we are hoping that will help andrew out of his slump.

bobby's on a new softball team. they had their first game last night.

enough said.
jordan is really enjoying volleyball.  tuesday he tied the game with his powerful serve in a nail biter. they eventually won.
flowers are  blooming inside
and out.

and my allergies are at an all time high.

still my favorite after run treat.

we are loving our keurig.

looking forward to a weekend of baseball, musicals and mexican food.  can't beat that.

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