Thursday, April 18, 2013

currents: 4.18

feeling like i might be catching jordan's cold.

thinking about how to get andrew's confidence back at the plate.

creating forms and emails and piles

hoping jordan has a good volleyball game today

needing to get rid of the piles.

wishing i had all the answers and two more sets of hands.

thankful for friendships, support, and guidance.

enjoying my first quiet morning in a long time.

knowing that i have to face that run today.

remembering my run from monday. it was awesome!

loving that bobby and sofia got to go to the dodger game together last night. (and that they brought home hello kitty blankets.)

ignoring the fact that next week will be tough without bobby around.

excited for him.

praying for the victims of so much tragedy this week - bombs, fires, politics.

believing that goodness will prevail.

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