Tuesday, August 3, 2010

road trip 2010 :: getting ready

we left our home on wednesday for our two week road trip.  we were looking forward to some adventure and relaxation but it was so much work packing, purchasing and getting everything into the car.  the first night we drove to sacramento for some sleep.  then on thursday we headed out again.

on our way we stopped at the cute train town of dunsmuir.  we ate at a gourmet coffee shop

and then filled up our water bottles at this public fountain.  their slogan is "home of the best water on earth." how awesome would it be to have something like this in your town.  clean, fresh, cold water whenever you want.

we made it to grants pass in time for dinner.  these last two days were all about driving, eating and sleeping.  we ate at a really nice restaurant right by the river and took some family pictures.

after all that driving we were tired and ready to sleep.  but the kids had to swim in the hotel pool before going to bed.  

the next morning we did the grocery buy for the rafters.  i love food on camping trips, it just seems to taste so much better. and the kids get to eat food that we would never have at home.
sofia and i in the hotel
we then went into galice, which is the town where they were starting the raft trip.

the guys put the boats together and packed food in the ice chests. the kids played in the water and looked for heart shaped rocks.
really cool find
after all the work was done bobby took the kids on a little practice run.

we had dinner in galice at a bbq spot and listened to live music while we ate.

another long day.  and we were all ready for some sleep.  

next time: let's go rafting

in other news:  bobby and i are going to the dodger game tonight.  we have my friends' dugout club seats again.  we are a little disappointed with the dodgers right now.  but are so looking forward to some good food, free parking and awesome seats.  thanks kim!

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