Monday, September 3, 2007


for 13 years you have inspired me.
inspired me to . . .
love unconditionally
laugh hysterically
try new things
try again
be silly
learn how to read a map
create happiness
let it go
be honest
be compassionate
stay strong
have faith that everything will be fine
water ski
get it done
be consistent
work hard
fold the whites (not really but i'm thinking about it)
watch indy movies
be accountable
believe in myself
believe in others
love with a passion that can overwhelm

you are the best partner in my life journey and the most incredible father to our three little creations. no one can compare.
i hope that i have inspired you in some way over the past 13 years.
happy anniversary.
*photo by jordan mitas age 8

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Anonymous said...

Just Beautiful!
Happy Anniversary my Darlings!

Mom and Tom