Monday, September 10, 2007

first day

well, we survived. what a day. we got up at 6:40 am, had breakfast, got dressed, took some obligatory pictures and got to school early for the assembly. first we dropped jordan off in his 3rd grade class with no tears or long goodbyes. then we took andrew up to the kindergarten area where there were tears and long goodbyes, and he was upset too. he started saying that he changed his mind and that he didn't want to go to school afterall. to which i said, "great, let's go home." but bobby was there to convince us both that everything would be alright and that he, unfortunately had to start school today. andrew cried and wanted to stay with me. i walked with them to the bathroom. thank god they MAKE them go potty, otherwise i think andrew would hold it until pick-up. then we all walked down to the assembly where he sat with his class. he looks so small even though he is in the right age group. after the assembly, which was actually very fun and exciting for the kids we said our final goodbye. he cried, i cried but then he bravely walked with his friends back to his class.

he did great. we picked him up at 2:30 and he was running around playing with the other kids and getting dirty. he was so talkative and excited about sharing his day with us. and i was so relieved. we waited until 3 to pick up jordan and then we came home to brownies and milk in celebration of the first day of school. lots of things to go through. jordan has a fun project that is due on friday. and andrew had his first spanish class today. there are a lot of new faces in the faculty and we are feeling really positive that this is going to be an exciting year for the boys at CHA. oh and they already gave us the packets for the magazine drive. anyone interested?

so happy to see that the day went well. tomorrow sofia and i start our hand in hand class at the preschool. looking forward to seeing her interact with other kids and make friends. and also to spend some special time with her.

sofia and daddy at breakfast. she will miss him tomorrow when he goes back to work.


Kenzi said...

Your kids are TOO cute! I love them! I felt like I took them to school personally. Thanks for making me smile everytime I read this!

Love, Kenzi

Anonymous said...

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