Sunday, September 16, 2007

exhausted and very proud

we survived our first week of school. everyone is getting adjusted to being in school all day. by friday i was barely hanging on. lots to keep track of, but this coming week will be better.

it's official. we are a sports family. we have resisted and stayed away from competitive sports for 8 years. but that ended today, and now we're in it full force. we knew it would be tough, but we were ready for it. first there was jordan . . .

remember back when? when i couldn't even get him in the pool? when we cried and fought and debated over whether this was the right thing for him? well, it was all worth it. he had his first swim meet this morning. we were up early and in the pool by 8 am. the whole event was crazy. kids everywhere, parents running around, lots of yelling, horns, cheering. he was nervous, so the coach gave him a pep talk. his first event was backstroke. it was confusing figuring out the event number, heat number and lane number. but i got him to the right spot at the right time. and he did awesome. he was ahead for most of the race but as he was approaching the wall he slowed down and veered off course. he came in second for his heat and 9th overall for his age group, that's out of 25 swimmers! he was so happy and proud of himself and having fun. then he swam freestyle. he did great. he came in 11th overall out of 25 swimmers. and finally he was the anchor in the kids freestyle relay for 7-8 year olds. he swam his heart out and they did awesome. i didn't get their standing but he was pretty happy with himself. what an accomplishment, for both of us. to feel so unsure at the beginning, to want to give up but to persist and get to this meet and do pretty well. no ribbons, but that's ok. we were just looking for him to give this a try and do the best that he can. and he did. i am truly jumping up and down for joy!

we went straight from there to the baseball field. andrew is playing t-ball for the first time. he was the one that brought it up, honestly because he wants a trophy (but whatever gets him out there, right?) it's non-competitive fall ball. time for the kids to learn and get the experience of playing on a team. then if they want they can play in the spring. andrew is on the ASH team because of the color of his t-shirt and he plays with his cousin, Michael. he gets really shy when he plays, but he did great. the second inning they put him in as the catcher. they have this tiny catcher's gear, andrew called it his armor. he got to stand behind the plate and put the ball on the t. he told me before that he didn't want to tag people out because that is mean and not a nice thing to do. so when he had to tag a runner out at home plate, he "accidentaly" dropped the ball. everyone laughed. he hit the ball off the t both times at bat. and he got to run around the bases all the way home. there are no outs, they don't keep score, everyone bats and everyone plays every position. there are ten games in the season, so we'll see how it goes. they all look so cute in their uniforms and make the funniest plays, not paying attention as the ball comes right at them, running to 3rd instead of 1st, sometimes not running at all. gotta love baseball.

and i didn't get to post pictures of sofia's "first day of school". it's our mommy and me class on tuesday at the preshool. she had the best time. she loved circle time where we sang songs. she is so independent and loved discovering the classroom and of course, eating snack. we adore the teacher, mrs. casey. we had her for two years with andrew and she is the boys' swim teacher over the summer. i already see differences in what sofia likes to do and what the boys did. she loves the art table and the pretend area where they have dolls and a small kitchen.

feeling really good right now. thankful for getting through this week and this weekend with some sanity, even if it's just a little. but i could really use a nap right now, so good night.

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