Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day recap

Had a wonderful day yesterday. We were home for the first time in a few weeks and it was great to just hang out without having to deal with a schedule.
Bobby made me breakfast in bed. My favorite thing is french toast and crispy bacon (Bobby calls it burnt, I call it perfection.) The kids gave me their gifts from school and we just relaxed. Jord made a decopauge picture frame with a poem he wrote. Andrew made some sand art that is also a recipe holder. It's funny because he had asked me last week how to make macaroni and cheese. I wasn't quite sure why he was asking but I gave him the instructions. Well he was asking because he needed the recipe for the gift. He was so sneaky. It really made me laugh.
I got to choose what to do for the day so I scrapbooked while the kids played video games. Dinner was Carne Asada, a Corona and some lemon sorbet. Can it be mother's day everyday? The boys declared that it was Mother's day and brother's day. They are the cutest.

Back to the routine today. Had to deal with those dishes I neglected yesterday. Oh well, I had the best day yesterday, so it was worth it.

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